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Here you will find answers to many questions about working with Matthew Barber – but if you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please get in touch with me on 07743492475 or complete the contact form and I will do my best to help.

I would like to request a quote for some decorating work. What can I expect of this process?

Clients usually contact me via phone or email. At this point it is usually worth having a brief discussion about what kind of work is required, timeframe etc. I would then arrange a site visit to meet with the client and discuss the work in more detail. It is important that a site visit be made to give me a clear idea of what’s involved and what’s required.

I then draw up detailed written quotation outlining what work is to be carried out, what products are to be used and the cost of having this work carried out. This quote would be sent to the client who could request any changes or amendments if necessary or if satisfied with the quote a start date could then be arranged.

What kind of decorating work do you carry out?

I am happy to look at all types of decorating works. I carry out standard interior and exterior decorating work as well as some commercial projects. I also hand paint kitchens and furniture. If for some reason I am not the best option to deliver the type of work required or meet the timeframe required I will always be upfront about this to prevent wasted time and resources.

Does your dustless sanding equipment ensure that zero dust is created in the preparation process?

Unfortunately not. However it does keep it to a minimum. The majority of the dust will then be sucked through a hose into a dust extractor rather than carried into the air. This makes preparation quicker and more efficient as well as much cleaner and environmentally sound. Wherever possible I use these sanders during preparation.

What is Repair Care?

Repair Care is a permanently flexible epoxy resin that can be used to repair badly damaged and decayed wood products. Because Repair Care is flexible it moves with the wood. This prevents the seem between the wood and the filler reopening. In many cases Repair Care resins can be used to repair wood products which would otherwise need replacing. Repair care resin can also be shaped to match existing profiles to create an invisible repair. I am an approved Repair Care contractor for the North Devon area having completed the Repair Care training course.

Do you only use water based paints?

A large percentage of the work I do is finished with water based products as they have a lot of advantages over more traditional products. However I regularly use oil and shellac based primers in preparing surfaces and blocking in stains. There are also some projects where oil based finishes are the best option.

What products and brands of paints do you currently recommend?

Paints – Tikurilla, Benjamin Moore, Zinsser, Little Greene, Sikkens, Weathershield.
Translucent coatings – Osmo, Sikkens.
Fillers – Prestonet, Toupret, Dunlop Pro Decor, Repair Care.

Why I have not heard of the brand of paint you recommend we use?

Public awareness of a paint brand is not necessarily an indicator of quality. Different paint companies have different business models and make their products accordingly. I try to use brands known for high quality, consistency and durability as well as value.

Do high quality paints mean a high price?

Not necessarily. I have good relationships with my suppliers and in most cases purchase at trade prices rather than those available to the general public.

Do you pass on trade discounts to customers?

Yes. All discounts I receive are passed on to the customer.

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